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coretcoretan buat daftar di sman10 *masihcoretan*

my name is amalia okky sismahendra. I was born from a simple family. I was born in Malang, 14 September 1997. My first child of two sisters.
I live in bromo street, alley 1 number 15 Malang. I live with my dad, my mom, my sister and two grandmothers. Now, i’m school at  junior high school of 19 malang.

about me: I like to hang out with anyone. I love to share. I do not like giving up (if I fail, I always try, try and try until I get that, and somehow do it). I like math because math is fun. My teachers often do  register me in  math competitions. maybe I'm not lucky to win but I never gave up. I also love learning Indonesian because I love reading and I think this is a simple lesson. I like social activities and so I followed the PMR "Palang Merah Remaja" and i followed the Paskibraka activities to train and increase my discipline. I have always been the spirit of school because I wanted to achieve my dream.
about my family: my family to live self-sufficient. everyday my mother and father go to work.
my father his name is  Widhi sismahendra. he was workinga  in pt.parit padang malang as the sender drug. second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day He is always working against the scorching sun. only to send the drugs to pharmacies and hospitals. He is meritorious because sending medicines that can help the sick people. every day he worked from morning until sunset.
my mother her name is  ida Minarti. He worked as a store employee as a cashier.

they (my parents) always work with passion. there is no word "tired". all of that for my life, my sister and my grandmother.for pay  I went to senior high school and elementary school that my sister go.

My first dairy to follow a math olympiad , where I met children who love and smart at math lesson, we are meet and share. that time we shared way too fast in mathematics. talking about anything at all about math. be happy to know  children math olympiad one malang city.
I also ever  meet, get acquainted and share with the paskibraka children in the Paskibraka competition. They  are  discipline and responsibility children. and there I and my friends can get additional Paskibra theory.
Experience when i do a social activity. A time i visited the home a grandmom whose live is very very short. She worked hard to meet their needs. In there i and my friends to give money and basic needs. I very happy can share with others.

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